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Meirovitch Public Relations, one of the leading PR agencies in Israel, assists Israeli and International companies promote their marketing messages across to the relevant target audiences in Israel and overseas via all the prominent media outlets. Meirovitch PR supports large international and local companies (high tech and other enterprises, financial institutions, etc.) and international and local services providers (lawyers, accountants, venture capitalists, analysts, etc.) The company was founded by Uri Meirovitch who has been active in media consulting since 1998.

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Alexa, Google, Siri put their bilingual
 skills to the test in translation battle

Digital Trends- 16.4.2019
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Autotalks completes C-V2X field test
on public road in China

FierceWireless- 3.4.2019
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Aqueous fuel to revolutionize hydrogen
 transport and refuelling

EENews Europe- 21.3.2019
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Portugal's EDP invests in cybersecurity
 firm Sepio Systems

Reuters- 4.3.2019
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Startup sees mixed reality, a blend of
 virtual and real worlds, as the future

Times of Israel- 28.2.2019
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 Autotalks and MediaTek cooperate to
 help car makers and tier-1s integrate
 C-V2X and telematics securely and

Automotive World- 21.2.2019
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OurCrowd has raised $900m and
 disrupted the disruptors

Globes- 10.2.2019
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Avoid dongle hell with this 5-in-1
 charging cable

The Verge- 22.1.2019
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 AI chip startup Hailo expands series A
 to more than $20 million

VentureBeat- 22.1.2019
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Magenta VC fund nears $100m target

Globes- 14.1.2019
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Britain launches 5G accelerator for
 Israeli startups

Israel Defense-14.1.2019
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Valeo demonstrates telematics platform
 equipped with Autotalks' global V2X at
 CES 2019

Automotive World- 4.1.2019
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Irish government investment fund
 backs israeli smart farming startup

Calcalist- 26.12.2018
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Allegro.ai is helping Hyundai mine the
 artificial intelligence gold rush

Digital Trends- 12.12.2018
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CropX sensors tell farmers how to
 irrigate and fertilize

Globes- 10.12.2018
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  Water-stabilized hydrogen fuel
 promises twice the range of gasoline
 at half the price, withe zero tailpipe

New Atlas- 3.12.2018
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Globes names Puls Israel's most
 promising 2018 startup

Globes- 2.12.2018
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Cell-Therapy Company KidneyCure
Raises Funds

Calcalist- 19.11.2018
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Electriq Global says its water-based
 fuel can power your car

Forbes- 14.11.2018
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Hyundai invests in Allegro.ai to bring
 deep learning to our cars

ZDNet- 5.11.2018
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 Electriq Global wants to power cars
 with zero-emission, water-based fuel

Digital Trends- 29.10.2018
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 Equinom raises $4m to improve plant
 proteins using comutational breeding,
 no gene editing

Agfunder News- 17.10.2018
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ASX-listed satellite company SAS
receives grant from polish government

Calcalist- 14.10.2018
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"Tourists don't want vacations to create

Globes- 3.10.2018
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 Automotive chipset supports DSRC
and C-V2X

EE Times-5.9.2018
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Bitcoin ATM maker develops payment
 solution for cannabis dispensaries

Bitcoin.com- 5.9.2018
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Puls raises $50 million in private
 funding led by Temasek

The New York Times-28.8.2018
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 Will machine learning AI make human
 ?translators an endangered species

Forbes- 24.8.2018
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Interview with Dalia Lasaite CEO CGTrader

3DPrint.com- 22.8.2018
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Virtual Crypto's products to be
 available in the southern african

Namibia Economist- 16.8.2018
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  ERM Advanced Telematics launches
 StarLink Tracker with Wi-F

Automotive World- 7.8.2018
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Analog and digital circuits for machine

eeNews Europe- 31.7.2018
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Hyundai, Autotalks partner to bring V2X
 to the public

CNET- 3.7.2018
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Device protects cars against
 ransomware attacks

eeNews Europe- 25.6.2018
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Hailo hunts missing AI puzzle pieces

EE Times-22.6.2018
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 ERM Advanced Telematics completes
 vehicle anti-ransomware solution

Globes- 21.6.2018
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Why This Startup Created A Deep
 Learning Chip For Autonomous

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Hailo raises a $12.5m series A round
 for its deep learning chips

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Israel's Hailo $12.5m to develop deep
 learning chip

Reuters- 5.6.2018
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Allflex unveils cow monitoring solution
 for beef farms

Agriculture.com- 4.6.2018
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Ticket co Sports Events 365
enters Chinese market

Globes- 24.5.2018
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New Yorkers check Localize.city before
 buying or renting

Israel21c- 10.5.2018
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   You're a tech powerhouse not startup
 an interview with Synopsys CEO
Aart de Geus

Globes- 3.5.2018
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 V2V technology hits the racetrack to
 keep drivers safe

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 Two israeli autotech companies are
 bringing V2V communication to the

Calcalist- 3.4.2018
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 Interview: New technology helps car
 dealers retrieve vehicles

Digital Journal- 1.4.2018
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  Late on payments? Big Data shows
 repo guys where to look to repossess

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 Why Israel is winning with autonomous

Automotive News Europe- 14.3.2018
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Israeli mixed reality co Mixed Place
 raises $750,000

Globes- 5.3.2018
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 Autotalks Teaches Cars to Speak
 a Common Language

Electronic Design-7.2.2018
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Lack of Vision Among Robocar Visionaries

EE Times-31.1.2018
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Israel's Global Data Center to Double
 its Size

Israel Defense-28.1.2018
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Laptop charger slims down and aim to
 be foldable

Electronics Weekly-23.1.2018
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Sports Events 365 seeks B2B partners
 to get into game

Travolution- 19.1.2018
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Thin charger startup gains partner in

17.1.2018- eeNews Europe
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Israeli gynecologist builds a better IUD

Israel21c- 25.12.2017
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 Sports Events 365 expands to South

Globes- 17.12.2017
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 Holiday shopping brings record sales
 to the U.S., but is the trend global?
news story based on a survey conduct by
 One Hour Translation

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IT security for SMEs in 2018 -
 information oveload
- thought leadership
 article by David Feldman, Cybonet CEO

SC Magazine(UK) - 4.12.2017
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MOBAs are the No. 1 target for game
 developers' localization efforts

VentureBeat- 16.11.2017
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 Split-proof sesame seed gets backing
 for 'fundamental shift' in $8 billion

FoodNavigator- 26.10.2017
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Google partners with mobile repairs
 startup to handle pixel service

Calcalist- 24.10.2017
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Chemo Group invests in OCON Medical

Globes- 19.10.2017
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Japanese tourists prefer goung to
 football matches in Spain, Italy and

Travel Daily News- 3.10.2017
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Step into a new way of ordering
 orthopedic shoe inserts

Israel21c- 1.10.2017
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MOBA and MMOs top marketing priority
 for English localisation

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New cybersecurity solution for small

Digital Journal-20.9.2017
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Cybonet launches software that allows
 PCs to defend themselves from
 computer attacks

La Stampa (Italy)-19.9.2017
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Mexico deploys Aeronautics unmanned
 aerial system

Globes- 17.9.2017
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Cybonet launches comprehensive
 cyber security solution for SMEs

Israel Defense- 11.9.2017
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Upstep Orthotics: Inexpensive Comfort

GeekDad- 22.8.2017
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Device repair co Cellsavers rebrands
 as Puls r
aises $25 Million

Globes- 15.8.2017
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Israeli company launches novel platform
for registering natural gas trades

GlobalTrade- 15.8.2017
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Speaking the same cybersecurity
- translation of english
 language cybersecurity sources
based on One Hour Translation

Bloomberg BNA- 2.8.2017
Read more

International Threat Intelligence and
Info-Sharing Surges in 2017
- based on
a new examination by One Hour Translation

Infosecurity magazine- 31.7.2017
Read more

EDR: The Security Camera of the
Enterprise Network-
David Feldman

Israel Defense- 24.7.2017
Read more

Allflex introduces SenseTime solution

Farming Life- 11.7.2017
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Autotalks brings motorcycles
into the conversation

TechCrunch- 26.6.2017
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To prevent motorcycle crashes, make
riders 'talk' to cars
- an article about
Autotalks' Bike-to-Vehicle technology

WIRED- 26.6.2017
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Toyota-backed fund invests in Israeli
 auto chip venture

Nikkei- 26.6.2017
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We create liquidity in a world without
- an interview with two of Israel
  Secondary Fund managing partners

Globes- 4.6.2017
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Autotalks CTO calls for cooperation in
V2X standards battle

EETimes- 12.5.2017
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Israel Secondary Fund has Completed
the Closing of $100 Million ISF II

Crowdfund Insider- 3.4.2017
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Autotalks drives car communications

Globes- 2.4.2017
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Autotalks switches to higher gear in
V2X chip market

EETimes- 22.3.2017
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Israel's Autotalks raises $30 million

Reuters- 22.3.2017
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Kado wants to make the world's
 thinnest charger

TechCrunch- 28.2.2017
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The Super-Svelte Kado Wallet is the
 slimmest phone charger we've ever

Digital Trends- 26.2.2017
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Kado Wallet is a phone charger that's
  so thin it fits in your wallet

Mashable- 26.2.2017
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Making precision agronomy accessible
to all farmers

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E-retailers most often translate their
sites into French and German

Internet retailer- 19.12.2016
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Valtech Cardio acquired by Edwards
Lifesciences in $1 billion deal

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DSRC no dead end, says Autotalks CTO

EETimes- 24.11.2016
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Israeli co ScanTask brings farmers
precision agronomy

Globes- 26.10.2016
Read more

Denso selects Autotalks V2X chipset

EDN- 29.9.2016
Read more

Denso picks Autotalks chip for V2X
mass deployment

EETimes- 28.9.2016
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Israeli fintech co CreditPlace raises
NIS 6 million

Globes- 13.9.2016
Read more

Forget Duolingo, LinguisTech says their
technology gives English learners native

Read more

Celeno closes investment round to drive
disruptive Wi-Fi technology

EETimes- 7.9.2016
Read more

Israeli startup targets China with
learn-English software

Times of Israel- 23.8.2016
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The Pokemon Aimer for Your iPhone is
Now Being Mass-Marketed

Inverse- 19.8.2016
Read more

U.S-Israeli mobile repair start-up
CellSavers raises $15 million

Reuters- 18.8.2016
Read more

LinguisTech lauches English teaching

Globes- 15.8.2016
Read more

Celliboost allows Simultaneous Use
 of Four Mobile Channels

Israel Defense- 7.8.2016
Read more

  Standalone mobile system for secure
 broadband communications in
 rugged terrain

2.8.2016 -EETimes europe
Read more

Celliboost links SIM cards for
    continuous communication

Times of Israel - 2.8.2016
Read more

Israeli tech transfer co SNE raises

Globes- 25.7.2016
Read more

Tel Aviv to host China-Israel Investment

Globes- 9.6.2016
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Sowing the seeds of plant protein for
a hungry world

Published in ISRAEL21c - June 2, 2016
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One Hour Translation expands
to Lehi

Daily Herald- 26.5.2016
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Israeli seed breeding startup EQUInom 
raises $1.25m

Globes - April 13, 2016
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These Food Protectors promise
to keep your produce from spoiling

Yahoo+Digital trends- 18.3.2016
Read more

Can this gadget save your kitchen
food waste?

Mashable- 16.3.2016
Read more

Phresh food preservatives
exceeds kickstarter target

Globes- 8.3.2016
Read more

Israel Investment Firms Receive
$665 Million In Commitments In February

TechCrunch- 29.2.2016
Read more

Israeli investment firm turns
unwanted start-up options into gold

Times of Israel - 28.2.2016
Read more

Phresh Food Protectors enhance fruits
and vegetable shelftime by three times

I4U News- 22.2.2016
Read more

Israel Secondary Fund set to close
$100 million fund

Published in Reuters - 16.2.1016
Read more

Invest in your favorite soccer players
and clubs

Published in ISRAEL21c - January 27, 2016
Read more

PrivatEquity.biz to export trading platforms

Published in Globes - January 26, 2016
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Yahoo JAPAN (Japanese) - 26.11.2015
Read more

Beijing hosting major China-Israel investment event

Globes- 17.11.2015
Read more

- Cuando te quedes sin bateria,
 este cargador desechable te
 salvara por 2,5 Euros

Europa Press (Spanish) - 12.11.2015
Read more


Times of Israel (Chinese) - 12.11.2015
Read more

Mini charger set to solve cellphone 'juice' failure

Times of Israel - 11.11.2015
Read more

Israeli startup launches disposable cellphone charger

Ynetnews - November 10, 2015
Read more

"High tech is growth engine for Shared Capitalism" - PrivatEquity.biz chairman Yaron Jacobs sees employee ownership of companies as the way forward

Published in Globes- September 8, 2015
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HeartWare buys Israeli co Valtech Cardio for $860m

Published in Globes - September 2, 2015
Read more

High-tech execs sign to sell shares on PrivatEquity.biz

Published in Globes - July 23, 2015
Read more

Chinese language article on the 3D virtual store platform Tridshops

Linkshop.com.cn - June 23, 2015
Read more

Israeli 3D tech promises more woes for retailers

Times of Israel - June 17, 2015
Read more

Italia: 78% consumatori distingue tra traduzione automatica e umana

Corriera della Sera (Italian) - June 2, 2015
Read more

"No reason Apple, Google shouldn't list on TASE"

Published in Globes - May 21, 2015
Read more

Platform lets start-up employees trade their shares well before IPO

The Jerusalem Post - May 3, 2015
Read more

Yaron Jacobs appointed PrivatEquity.biz chairman

Globes - April 28, 2015
Read more

 New accelerator launched for satellite technology

Published in Globes - April 1, 2015
Read more

  A cure for the valuation blues- An interview with AlgoValue cofouder and CEO

Published in ISRAEL21c - March 26, 2015
Read more

OHT Mobile launches Lingui app localization solution

Published in Bloomberg - March 1, 2015
Read more

OHT Mobile lancia app per localizzazione veloce in piu' lingue

Corriera della Sera (Italian) - February 26, 2015
Read more

Start-up focused on developing Internet of Things apps to expand to US

Published in Internet Retailer - February 24, 2015
Read more

PrivatEquity.biz sets up employee options micro-fund

Published in Globes - February 3, 2015
Read more

New One Hour Translation Global Survey: 34% of Consumers in the World's Leading Economies Buy More Online in Winter

Published in Bloomberg - January 27, 2015
Read more

AlgoValue launches valuation simplification platform

Published in Globes - January 12, 2015
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